SC Democrats Rally for Affordable Care Act With ‘Day of Action’

COLUMBIA, S.C. (WOLO)- Protesters took to the streets on Sunday as part of a nationwide protest of the repeal of the Affordable Care Act. Here at home, dozens of South Carolinian’s participated in the ‘Day of Action’ in front of the Governors Mansion.

Participants called on election officials to protect the affordable care act, medicare, medicaid, and social security.

Organizers said more than 400,000 South Carolina residents have health care coverage because of the affordable care act and that these gains are at risk.

“It was just great and heart warming to see so many people here fighting for the affordable care act,” SC Democratic Party Chairman, Jaime Harrison said. “I’m sure many these people probably have health care, but what they’re fighting for are the hundreds of thousands of people in South Carolina who don’t or who will suffer if this health care is repealed.”

The “Day of Action” campaign was spearheaded by Senator Bernie Sanders, Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer, and House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi.

The House of Representatives passed a bill on Friday that starts the repeal of the Affordable Care Act.  No details have been released on how they plan to replace it.


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