Picturing the audience in their skivvies doesn’t work and other public speaking tips

Pamela Eyring shares ways to beat the awkwardness of public speaking

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COLUMBIA, SC (WOLO)–More than snakes, spiders, ghosts, and even clowns, public speaking tops the list of biggest fears in the majority of people.  The thought of standing in front of a group of people to make a presentation is an image that will keep people up at night, but it doesn’t have to, at least according to Pamela Eyring from the Protocol School of Washington.

“You really don’t want to picture people in their underwear,” says Eyring, as she references the infamous Brady Bunch episode where Jan utilized that technique.  “It might leave you laughing or with a bad image,” she says.

According to Eyring, there are some very simple things that you can do, however that will keep your mind free of boxer shorts and feeling more comfortable in a potentially awkward situation.  “Preparation is the key,” she says, “remember that if you are prepared, you will know more than anyone else in the room.”  Eyring says this helps build confidence.

Another important thing to keep in mind is attire.  “Dress one step higher than your audience,” she says.  Eyring also suggests that women should stay away from dangling earnings that could distract you or the audience.

Your for few moments will set the tone for the presentation.  “Start with a bang; kick it off with an entertaining story, video, or data,” she says.  Eyring also points out that breathing is also important to monitor.  Ensuring that you breath slow will “force your mind to relax.”

The final thing that Eyring says will help your presentation be impactful and less stressful is trying to avoid filler words like “um…”

You can learn more tips from Eyring and other information about etiquette in general HERE.

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