Officers Won’t Face Charges in Fatal Shooting, Solicitor Says

SUMTER, S.C. (WOLO) – No charges will be filed against three officers who shot and killed a 35-year-old Sumter man.

Newly released dash and body camera footage show the chase and struggle between Sumter police officers and Waltki Williams.

On Wednesday the third circuit solicitor’s office said the 19 shots fired into the suspect were justified.

“These cases can be though, in my opinion its not a tough call,” Solicitor Ernest Finney III said.

Overwhelming amounts of evidenced revealed Wednesday paints a better picture of what happened the night Waltki Williams lost his life.

It all started at the Sumter mall where authorities say Williams waited outside and threatened his 16-year-old ex-girlfriend. The victim’s sister called police.

“My sister is 16 and they’re in the mall and she’s saying she can’t get out because there is someone outside saying if you come out he’s going to shoot her,” the victims sister said on the phone with dispatch.

Dash cam video shows When police spotted Williams truck and then a brief chase.

Finney says after Williams crashed his car, he jumped out of his window with a 9 MM in hand and police followed.

“The officer put his gun back in his holster and ran down Williams and chased and tackled hi,” Finney said. “He was not trying to kill or hurt him. Williams changed the environment that night by having a weapon and by firing the weapon.”

“I believe they did get it right,” Finney said during the press conference in downtown Sumter.

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