Drivers Have Mixed Feelings After Roads Funding Bill Becomes Law

COLUMBIA, SC (WOLO)- A gas tax spike to increase south Carolina roads is getting mixed reviews from residents.

While the fight over fuel is over, the road to recovery for South Carolina pavement has just begun.

“With this bill we will be able to improve the overall conditions of our roads,” Woody Willard, SCDOT Chairman Commission, said.

The House and Senate overruling McMaster’s Veto on Wednesday, which came as a surprise to some residents.

Many drivers say they’ve spent thousands of dollars on repairs from the states crumbling roads.

“One time I hit a pothole and it messed up my car real bad,” Deondre Harris said. “I’ve spent a good $7,000 just to get my car fixed.

“I had to re-tighten the bolts a lot because the roads are so bad here in South Carolina,” Troy Mayfield said.

Drivers can expect more construction on our roads.

“We will be working on getting engineering and projects in the pipeline and getting them ready for the construction which most of these dollars will provide,” Willard said.

However the bill is expected to fix more than just roads

“You will see an improvement in the pavement conditions as well as congestion throughout South Carolina,” Willard said.

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