South Carolina Senate and House Override Governor’s Roads Bill Veto

Lawmakers React to Governor's Statements


COLUMBIA, S.C. (WOLO)- By a vote of 95 to 18 in the house and a vote of 32 to 12 in the Senate, the he roads bill passed  overwhelmingly Wednesday, just a day after Governor Henry McMaster vetoed the bill, saying our state would have plenty of money for roads if the department of transportation was reformed.
“Some things just aren’t true and what the governor said is just not true,” said Senator Vincent Sheheen.

Representatives and Senators responded to the governor’s statements. Some said they wish he did more work with the legislature on this measure.

“I wish he recognized the situation South Carolina finds itself. I wish he understood the issues this House has wrestled with. I wish he had taken the time and effort to engage with the general assembly to lead on the most important issue facing our state today.”

Members from both bodies said passing the bill was a bipartisan effort but the real winners of the resolution are the people of South Carolina.

“We kill almost 20 people a week on our roads and bridges. We put something in the neighborhood of 100 people in the hospital each week. We’re going to stop doing that. We’re going to make our roads safe. We’re going to fix our roads. We’re going to help South Carolina,” said Senator Paul Campbell.

The bill will  go into effect on July 1, 2017.

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