Man’s Response to Wrong Number Text Goes Viral for All the Right Reasons

COLUMBIA, SC (WOLO) – When it comes to cool, Columbia native Roger Hawkins has it down.

The real estate agent by day, punk rock lead singer by night, is also a family man. From his shades, tattoos, and shoes, it really is head to toe.

The coolest thing yet though, has nothing to do with any of it.

Friday (8/4), he got a text from somebody he didn’t know sharing a picture in a graduation gown.

“[It was] Just a couple of photos and obviously it was the wrong number and I knew that,” Roger explained.

Rather than turn it away though he sent the person a selfie with a thumbs up and he told them the sky’s the limit and even sent a link to an inspirational speech.

The two word response from the unknown person was perfect: “My guy!” with a crying laughing emoji.

Justin Campbell, now a Coastal Carolina Graduate thought the random text exchange was cool enough to tweet out.

He tweeted, “Accidentally sent these pics to the wrong number yesterday. The response was legit tho… really made me smile.”

The entire world responded.

As of Tuesday, the tweet has been re-tweeted more 32,000 times and like more than 93,000.

Roger’s cool gesture has gone viral worldwide.

Roger said, “I had a kid reach out to me from Nigeria. I’ve heard from people in the Netherlands.”

Justin included Roger’s number in the tweeted screenshot and hundreds reached out saying things like, “Hey I saw you on Twitter. I think you’re wonderful;” and “Hey man just wanted to say you’re a pretty awesome person.

The rocker, rocking the shades in his selfie then and now, is humble about the whole deal.

Roger added, “For me it was just kind of like a simple thing.”

Something as small as a congratulatory response though, has made a huge impact.

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