Columbia City Council Votes to Ban Use of Bump Stocks

COLUMBIA,SC (WOLO)- On Tuesday night Columbia City Council unanimously voted to pass an ordinance that bans the use of bump stocks and trigger cranks.

“There’s no way that Bump Stocks, Trigger cranks and gack cranks should be legal in the United States of America,” Mayor Steve Benjamin said. “This is a small step towards trying to make sure there is some common sense in our gun laws.”

The ordinance does not make it illegal to own one, but it is illegal to use one.  Bump stocks are firearm attachments that essentially turn a semiautomatic rifle into a fully automatic machine gun.

The device put into the spotlight after a gunman opened fire in Las Vegas killing 58 people. The gunman used bump stocks to increase the rounds he fired into the crowd.

Benjamin says he hopes this will light a fire that others will follow.

“We’re hoping and praying that we can make one small step here that might inform our state legislature to act and make ownership of bump stocks a felony in South Carolina,” Benjamins said. “We hope this inspires other city and states and hope for the federal government to act as well.”

If caught using a bump stock or trigger crank on a gun you’ll be charged with a misdemeanor and face up to 30 days in jail or a $500 fine.

“It’s a modest punishment but it’s what we’re allowed to do under the law,” Benjamin said.

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