DOT, Law Enforcement Ready To Keep Up After Snow Hits Sumter Area



Sumter, SC (WOLO)– The winter weather is finally here and some parts of South Carolina saw that white fluffy stuff fall from the sky. Snow covered the Sumter area and before people hunkered down for the night, they were hoping to get all their errands done on dry roads.  


“They actually let us go home early, so we got off at 1:30 today. All the county job places closed down today,” Darntelle Taylor said, a resident in Sumter. 


When the white stuff falls from the sky, law enforcement and the Department of Transportation (DOT) know it is time to get to work. DOT has been prepping for the snow since last night, making sure I-95 and other primary routes in Sumter are ready. 


“We’re working all day,” Ken Bell said, a deputy with the Sumter County Sheriff’s Department said. 


“We all work together here to try to accomplish the same goal, keeping the motorists safe,” Sandra Riley said, the Resident Maintenance Engineer said with Sumter DOT. Riley said DOT has been doing dry-runs to make sure everyone knows what to do when the snow falls. Rolley said DOT has been pre-treating roads since 10 a.m. to make sure the county was all set for the storm.  She also said by Tuesday night her crew knew they were going to have to pull 12-hour shifts, and they already had food ready to order for dinner. However, some South Carolinian’s are not as prepared for the brutal winter weather, people like Taylor. 


“I’m actually not. I haven’t even gone to the store and get any bread and water like most people do. So, I’m not ready. I’m just Netflix and chill,” Taylor said. 


“We’ll see what happens because we live kind of out in the country, so, we don’t know. Roads normally don’t get plowed out there. So, we’re just going to hunker down. Keep warm and safe,” Caroline Dugas said, a Sumter resident said. While the snow does not scare Dugas, the icy road conditions that follow do.


“But the ice yes, definitely. Especially because you can’t see the black ice,” Riley said. 


“Just be cautious traveling across bridges at all times because of the famous ‘black ice’ term, that is not really black ice, but is actually a transparent glaze, that you can’t see at night. So we just caution everyone to travel safely because it could be some wet and hazardous conditions at night,” Riley said. Riley also warns that black ice can hide in shaded areas on roads, and be extra cautious when going on steep hills. Riley adds, if you do not have to be out, it is always better to be at home and off the roads.


“I will be locked in the house, under about 3 blankets, and hopefully I sleep on through it,” Taylor said laughing. 




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