Councilman’s Proposal Could Close Columbia Bars at 2AM

COLUMBIA, SC (WOLO)- Your favorite bar could close earlier if one city councilman’s proposal passes.

Councilman Howard Duvall’s proposed ordinance could eliminate the city’s extended hours permit which allows some bars to stay open well past 2 a.m. Some residents argued at the city council meeting Tuesday night that the late night hours gives them a place to go when they have no other option. Especially for those who work long hours throughout the day.

“I would like to strongly speak against the curfew that will limit the commercial freedoms of the local businesses and severely affect the connivance for local residents like myself  who currently do not have any alternative places,” one resident said.

However, the proposal was backed by some people who live in Shandon and nearby areas. Many of them say its a matter of health and safety.

“All of these neighborhoods are under assault some of it because of the size of the population of the University that drink.”

Some arguing that bars in the 5 points area are hot spots for college drinkers, which affect their quality of life.

“This creates a lot of problems, resident Tom Gottshall said. “Late night noise, mayhem, any anti-social behavior, vomiting on the sidewalks, public urination also things that are not very nice.”

The ordinance will be reviewed during a public safety meeting on February 6,2018 at 10:00am at city hall on the second floor. Residents are encouraged to come voice their opinions.

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