DREAM Act Now Rally

Columbia, SC (WOLO) — Dozens of protestors are hoping Congress will hear their message loud and clear and have gathered outside the South Carolina State house urging Congress to pass the Clean Bill that would protect children and young adults still in the United States under DACA also known Delayed Action for Childhood Arrivals and fight President Trump’s proposed wall.

The is being held by the Carolina Peace Resource Center who say they made it a point to host the rally just prior to the President’s first State of the Union Address.

The group gathered along the North Grounds of the State House are not only hoping to get this bill passed for Dreamers but say they also want to fight the funding for the President’s 25 million dollar wall along the Southern Border aimed at imposing restrictions on illegal immigration.

David Matos, The President of the Carolina Peace Resource Center released a statement to ABC Columbia News saying in part, “We call on Congress to pass a clean DREAM Act and not waste billions
of taxpayer money on Trump’s misguided wall”

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