So What’s a Super Blue Blood Moon?

Tomorrow morning we will be treated to an event that doesn’t happen very often. According to the folks at Sky and Telescope the last time this happened was 1982. And Fox5 News in Washington, DC says that the last time this was visible in the United States was 1866. So what is a Super Blue Blood Moon? It’s a combination of 3 things.

A Super Moon is one that appears larger than normal. This is due to the fact that the moon’s orbit around the earth is not a perfect circle. So when the moon’s orbit brings it closer to the earth, it appears to be larger. A Blue moon happens when a full moon occurs twice in a month. A Blood moon happens when there is a lunar eclipse. That’s when the earth casts its shadow on the moon.

The Super Blue Blood Moon will be visible starting at 6:48 AM – that’s when the partial eclipse begins. But it won’t last long for us here on the east coast because the moon sets at 7:21 AM. The west coast will have a much better view because they’ll be able to see the total eclipse, which begins at 4:51 and ends at 6:08 AM their time.