Two South Carolina Representatives React To Being On Train During Accident


Columbia, SC (WOLO)– Republican members of Congress are now on their way to the GOP retreat on busses but before they took off, ABC Columbia spoke with two of South Carolina’s representatives who were on the train when the accident happened. Representatives Ralph Norman and Joe Wilson say they are okay now. Both of them were on the train with their wives. They say they are still in shock but their minds are stuck on those who were affected.


“It happened so quickly,” Wilson said.


“All of a sudden, a big loud hit. You can feel what we hit. A couple people in my isle were knocked to the floor. And you knew it was a pretty severe hit. It couldn’t have been an animal because it was just a hard hit,” Norman described. Norman said two men on the truck were on the ground and one was standing after the accident. Wilson said fellow congress members were “superstars” on the train because they jumped off to immediately providing aide.


“The members of congress who are doctors and nurses who were attempting, even before EMS got there to try to save lives,” Wilson said.  One man died, and two were taken to the hospital. One is in serious condition, the other has minor injuries.


“Looked like they were in their 30s. Three young men. Say prayers for them. And, again, life is short, And it’s looking more and more like he’s not going to make it so, keep them in your thoughts and prayers,” Norman said.  Many members of congress were joined by their spouses, some of them brought their children, according to Wilson. Norman said the impact was so startling, it caused some members of congress to fall to the floor.


“Well, it was just a shock. Things happen so quick. And we didn’t know what it was. Was it intentional, was it not… after we saw what we hit, it was definitely not intentional. It’s a long tractor trailer truck, and I think the axels got stuck on the pavement,” Norman said. 


Two train crew members and three passengers suffered minor injuries according to Amtrak. They were transported to a local hospital for treatment.


A spokesperson for the Congressional Institute said the GOP retreat will include a moment of prayer. 

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