Former Gamecocks Jeffery, Gilmore won’t speak until after Super Bowl

MINNEAPOLIS, MINN (WOLO) — When former Gamecocks Alshon Jeffery and Stephon Gilmore line up against each other Sunday for Super Bowl 52, it might be the first time the two speak to each other in weeks (even if it’s trash talk).

“We haven’t spoken,” said Jeffery, the first-year Eagles receiver.

When Jeffery faces Gilmore, a cornerback for the Patriots, Sunday night in Minneapolis, the two will square off for the first time in the NFL, and though each is fighting for his first Super Bowl ring, the two are as close as can be.

Gilmore and Jeffery were both teammates at USC, roommates on campus and have remained great friends in the NFL, so much so, Gilmore invited Jeffery to be in his wedding back in 2014.

The friendship is as respectable as the on-field respect for one another, but it’s clear both Jeffery and Gilmore are trying to steer clear of scouting questions, keeping answers vague.

“He’s (Jeffery) a good receiver,” said Gilmore. “He’s a tough guy to cover.”

The two won’t share any thoughts with each other on this matchup either. In fact, the radio silence will be as loud as the stadium at kickoff.

“We probably aren’t going to talk,” said Gilmore.

Added Jeffery: “I’m sure we will afterword.”

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