Minnie’s Auto Repair Shop Has Women Taking Care of Women

New auto shop is first of its kind in the Midlands. They say all are welcome to come in, but they specifically cater to the ladies.


Irmo, SC (WOLO)– Every Mickey needs a Minnie! A midlands repair shop is a sister location to Mickey’s — so fittingly it is called Minnie’s. However, what is different about Minnie’s is it is specifically geared towards women.


Minnie’s Auto repair is a team of five women and they pride themselves on not only fixing what needs to be fixed, but also educating their clients so they can feel more comfortable around cars.


“They come in and it’s nice to be able to show, this is why your car is making this noise, not just this is what you need, this is how much it’s going to cost,” Maddison Uppstrom said, an auto technician with Minnie’s said. 


“Sometimes we take them inside the shop and say look here, there are the leaks. Show them exactly what’s happening, where it is. What it’s impacting,” Claudia Donnelley said, owner of Minnie’s.  This is the first car shop of its kind in the Midlands with the motto ‘auto care and repair from women for women.’ Which Uppstrom will admit, can come with its own challenges.


“You know, you get the people who really love it, and then you get the people who maybe don’t think it’s right, or think that maybe a girl can fix a car the same way or as quick. But, you kind of just have to take it for what it is,” Uppstrom said.  Uppstrom is one of two auto technicians, the other is also a woman, and Uppstrom says they can do it all.


“I don’t use any different tools that everybody else uses to do the same job,” Uppstrom said. 


It’s all about empowering and encouraging other women to feel like they can do it too, and maybe even better than the boys.  


“But it is nice to be able to come back with an answer and you’re like, ‘yeah, I am equal with you. I know this just as much as you do, so respect me’, you know?” Lauren Donnelley said, the daughter of the owners.  

Once a month Minnies Auto Repair holds classes to empower women and help them understand their cars a little more.  To see the schedule of their