Suspect Accused of Crashing Car in DUI Chase Hospitalized

Cayce, SC (WOLO) — The Cayce Department of Public Safety had a busy morning after chasing the driver of a car they say was traveling at a high rate of speed along Knox Abbott Drive Wednesday morning.

Authorities say the incident took place just after 3 Wednesday morning after officers attempted a traffic stop, but say the driver, 22 year old Michael Bender Kepler refused to stop. Police followed Kepler to Assembly street where law enforcement say they were no longer able to see him. But they did find pieces of the car. Officials say as they continued driving they found car bumper in the road and noticed two nearby power poles were cut in half.

Police then found the twisted metal resting on it’s side with Kepler still trapped inside with what appeared to be non life threatening injuries, according to first responders.

(Photo: Cayce Dept. Of Public Safety)

Police say, Kepler has been charged for failing to stop for blue lights and driving under the influence with a blood alcohol level three times the legal limit according to authorities.

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