Proposed Bill Would Make It Illegal For Teens To Buy AR-15


Columbia, SC (WOLO)– A representative is asking his colleagues to join him in changing gun laws to make it harder for teens to get their hands on weapons. The new bill would make it illegal for anyone under 20-years-old to purchase an AR-15. After the Florida school shooting there have been cries across the country for gun control, today some representatives responded to that call.


“Do something. We can’t simply sit around and ignore the fact that children, again were killed. That teachers, someone trying to do their job, were killed at the hands of someone carrying an assault weapon. That weapon being an AR-15,” Rep. Todd Rutherford said, (D) Richland County. 


The proposed bill is now in committee and opponents say they are looking forward to debate, specifically how Rep. Rutherford is planning on defining an assault rifle.


“I have not tested the water because I’m not interested. I know because I’m watching the news what we need to do. I know because I’ve watched Sandy Hook. And I’ve seen all the school shootings that simply need to stop,” Rutherford said. 


Those against the bill say legislation will not change the number of mass shootings. Instead, Rep. Michael Pitts said he believes there has to be a multifaceted approach, including looking at mental health and school security.


“I think we should increase security, and I think we should arm the teachers. That’s been my thoughts all along. But I don’t think banning one gun is going to be the answer to safety in the schools,” Pitts said. 


Pitts said the laws we have in place to protect people are not the problem, it’s the current enforcement of the laws which are failing kids today. He said it is when kids fall through the cracks that a problem occurs.    


“It’s a lack of respect for authority, it’s a lack of respect for each other, it’s a lack of respect for life. It’s a lack of respect in general that’s creating these problems. And like I said earlier, are guns part of the problem, yes… but to blame the gun as the problem, that’s just not common sense,” Pitts says. 


We spoke to some gun owners about the bill who didn’t want to go on camera.  Some say changing the age from two years will not make a big difference, others say if you have to be older to buy a drink, you should have to be older to buy a gun.

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