District 69 Runoff Candidates Share Their Platforms and Plans to Win

LEXINGTON, S.C. (WOLO)-Voters in Lexington will head back to the polls in under two weeks for a runoff election to fill Rick Quinn’s seat in the statehouse.

Both Chris Wooten and Anne Marie Green said their grassroots efforts got them this far but they have two different ideas of how they want to represent the people of Lexington.

Wooten, the owner of Bodyshop Athletics in Lexington, walked away as a frontrunner Tuesday, getting over 42 percent of the primary votes. He attributes to his success to his relatability.

“I am an old marine, I am a former state trooper, I am a high school coach, I own a small business in town, I am a Dad, I have got a mixed bag and I use that as A,B,C,D and E is all of the above and I have experience in all those fields. That’s what I think people want, someone who has been on the grind and knows how they feel,” said Wooten.
On the other side of the race is Ann Marie Green, a Lexington One school board member who hopes to turn things around for people in her area. “The power in our state is held by just a few hands in our statehouse. I realize the only way to make a difference not only for schools and our children but our families and our communities is to get to the statehouse myself. So that’s what I am doing,” said Green.
Running to fill the seat of a representative who pleaded guilty to statutory misconduct of office, both candidates said they will work hard to maintain trust.
“I have too much invested. I have three children in public school here in Lexington. I have a business that I built. I have a family that every one of those things has my name on it. I worked very hard to pose a name with integrity and to leave this place better than I found it. I don’t want to risk what I’ve given. I have way too much invested to let it go,” said Wooten.
“We talk a lot about our state-level issues and there are some complex things that are discussed at the statehouse.We need to make sure we have a representative that understands those issues and can navigate the complexities because what is going to happen is that you have got somebody that does not understand the issues and they are susceptible to hearing what the lobbyist have to say,” said Green.
Voters will elect one of the candidates on March 13th.
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