Retiring Where It All Began: RCSD Captain Ragland Celebrates 25 Years on the Force

HOPKINS, SC (WOLO)– A beloved member of the Richland County community is hanging up his hat and retiring from the Sheriff’s Department after 25 years.   For nearly a quarter of a century, Captain Robert Ragland has been protecting and serving Region One of Richland County, but in a few short days, he will be able to kick off his boots, and relax.

Ragland joined RCSD under Sheriff Allan Sloan. He says there have been many changes throughout the years, but he has always had Region One. 

“The majority of the people here are family,” Ragland said. 

Colleagues said Ragland knows Region one like the back of his hand. Knowing every family, in every house, on every street.

“I was probably the only deputy that ever came here and went from a deputy all the way up to Regional Commander.  And I kind of thanked the Sheriff for giving me this job,” Ragland said. 

Which is a career path he did not even plan on. Ragland was drafted into the Army during Vietnam. After 27 years with the Army, he retired, and went back to school to get his degree. After that, Ragland’s friend convinced him to go into law enforcement. Now, those who have had the chance to work with Ragland say it has been nothing but an honor to work with the honest, trustworthy and dependable leader.

“I love him, we love him here in the Region One area of Richland County and we’re going to truly miss him,” Renaldo Cropp said, master deputy with RCSD. 

Even though Ragland said it is been fascinating to see how Region One has changed since he began, but his colleagues say he is the one who changed the community. Which is shown when people he arrested come up to him years later, and remember him.  

“And he came up to me and actually thanked me for doing it, because he sort of turned his life around. So I guess the biggest thing to take away from here is is you can help one person turn their life around then it’s all worth it,” Ragland said. 

He probably won’t be dong much of that.  


Captain Ragland said he is not planning on spending retirement golfing or even fishing, but indulging in his biggest passion: skydiving. He also said he is most looking forward to spending time with his family. 

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