Volunteers Wash the Feet of the Homeless On Good Friday

Good Friday is bringing out the good in the Midlands Community.


COLUMBIA, SC (WOLO)–   The GF3 program stands for Good food, Good Feet, Good Friday. Christ Central Ministries had more than 50 volunteers clean the feet of those less fortunate on the holiday. 

“The smiles on their faces say it all. You know, they may be limping as they sit down, but when they get up they’re able to walk with ease,” Donna Muszynski said, founder of GF3. 

“Painful. Pain, from a scale of 1-10… it’s an 11,” a man said getting his feet cleaned. He said he has many problems with his feet, which makes it hard for him to get around. Muszynski said for the homeless community, their feet are their vehicles to get to food, safety, and even work. So having properly functioning feet is a must. 

Christ Central Ministries have been washing the feet of those less fortunate and giving hot meals on Good Friday for six years. They also have professional podiatrists at the event to help incase some of their clients have concerns the volunteers cannot address. Volunteer Tina Washington’s been doing this since the beginning and says it’s the right way to spend the holiday.

“You know we forget the meaning of the holiday. And so this is something to give back to my community. Something I think we all should be doing on Good Friday,” Washington said. 

“The significance of washing someone’s feet means I care, I’m concerned about you, I love you, I just want to help you do better,” Sylvia Mickens said, pastor and director of Christ Central Ministries. 

“We’re not here to preach. We’re just here to offer a hand of compassion,” Muszynski said. 

A helping hand much needed by some– getting not only their feet washed, but also a hot breakfast, a packed lunch, and a blessing bag full of goodies, including new socks and shoes.

“This is more like a miracle sometimes. Because I really need the help with my feet. I need it,” a gentleman said. 

For the founder of the GF3 program; it is not just the clients who make this event worth it.

“I do it for so many reasons, not just for the foot care, but because the volunteers enjoy it so much too,” Muszynski said. 

“Something so small, you know to make someone feel good about themselves, or just to feel good period. So what I get out of it is the feeling of fulfillment that makes them feel like they matter. Because they do,” Washington said.

Even though some clients are ‘rough around the edges,’ helping the more than 300 that came through their doors leaves them tickled pink.

“Big men, you know who you don’t expect to be ticklish or laughing like that. And it feels good to hear them laugh because you get a story out of it, you feel good. It just warms your heart to know you’re doing something for someone that matters,” Washington said laughing.

“They helped me and I’m totally, totally grateful,” the man said once finishing up his foot washing. 

“Having them walk out of here with a fresh pair of feet… until we meet again,” Washington said. 


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