Parents of Teen Who Died From Drinking Energy Drinks Hope to Help Others

COLUMBIA, SC (WOLO)–  After their beloved 16-year-old son Davis Cripe died from drinking too much caffeine, the family is now speaking out.

“The hardest thing a parent could ever go through. Living without your child. And we don’t want other parents to have to go through this when there’s something that could be done to save other kids,” Heidi Cripe said, Davis’ mom. 

Davis was the oldest of the Cripe kids and the only son. His parents said he loved entertaining, his family, and absolutely loved making others laugh.  A laugh his parents will never hear again. Davis died almost exactly a year ago from a caffeine-induced cardiac event. An otherwise completely healthy teenager gone too soon.

“One is way too many. Although there’s more than one, but one is way too many,’ Rep. Leon Howard said about the loss of Davis.

 The FDA says since 2004, at least 34 deaths have been linked to energy drinks. Now legislators want to make sure no other kid loses their life because of the effects energy drinks can have. Including Rep. Chip Huggins, who admits his kids would have energy drinks and he didn’t know the risks.    

“I look back at that and think about what could’ve happened and what could’ve been. And certainly, I get chills,” Huggins said.

The CDC reports up to 50% of adolescents consume energy drinks. They said energy drinks can lead to anxiety, insomnia, and even heart complications, which is what killed Davis.

“People don’t understand. They think if it’s something you can legally buy, then it’s safe for you, especially our kids. That’s who it’s targeted for, and Davis didn’t know. And we didn’t know it could take his life,” Heidi said.

“We’re not the first parents to lose a child from an energy drink, but we sure hope we’re the last,” Sean Cripe said, Davis’ father.

Howard started working on the bill after hearing Davis’ story. Davis’ parents reached out to Huggins wanting to help push this legislation through. The Cripes say even though this bill probably will not become law this session, they are glad they were able to spread awareness about these drinks. 

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