Equipment stolen from a local non-profit that helps underserved children

LEXINGTON, S.C. (WOLO)– A local non-profit that helps underserved and homeless children has $10,000 equipment stolen from them in the middle of the night.  A place you would usually hear kids laughing and yelling is now quiet and not even a lawn mower can be heard.

“It trickles down to really, stealing from the kids,” Steve Ware said, CEO and founder of River’s Edge Retreat.

Security footage shows someone unlocking the security gate in front of River’s Edge Retreat, and backing a vehicle in to hook up to the recently donated trailer holding a newly purchased lawn mower.  

“You feel a little betrayed,” Ware said.

Betrayed by the community Steve Ware is so proud to serve. His retreat gives underserved and homeless children an opportunity they wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford… a 10-week academic and athletic summer camp that helps these kids build self-esteem and self-confidence.

“And these kids are normally kids who would be sitting on the street, sitting at home, or sitting in shelters… and so these kids need a family and we provide that for them,” Ware said.

Last summer the camp had more than 400 kids per week. Now, with their lawnmower gone, Ware said they have to find $500 a month to have someone else cut the 7-acre campground. He’s afraid that money has to come out of their scholarship budget.

“The bottom line of having $10-thousand dollars worth of stuff stolen, has to come from somewhere,” Ware said.

Which he says will add up quickly– because just $100 can sponsor a kid for a week. But Ware is used to overcoming obstacles.  He grew up homeless himself and said he knows how to take a negative to a positive, and continue to laugh even when you’re hurting.   


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