The Oceans Are Heating Up Much Faster Than Previously Thought

A new study published in the journal Nature concludes that the world’s oceans have absorbed roughly 60% more heat during the past 25 years than previously calculated. The researchers used a new method for measuring the temperature, which allows them to get a more accurate measure of the ocean from the bottom to the top.

This is really important because it suggests that future warming of the planet will track on the higher end of the scientists projections – something like 8 degrees by 2100 if we don’t act quickly to reduce our emissions. The study finds that the oceans are absorbing roughly 93% of the heat from increasing amounts of greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere.

The study will need to be duplicated by other independent researchers before its findings will be accepted as gospel. Either way, this is yet another study that suggests that the estimates made by scientists on how much the planet will continue to warm have largely been off base – unfortunately in the wrong direction. And we’re running out of time to take actions that would make is such that we’d avoid the most extreme consequences of a much warmer planet.

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