SCDC arrests 3 women for trying to smuggle cell phones, drugs, and wire cutters into prisons

COLUMBIA, SC (WOLO) – Three women have been arrested on charges of smuggling contraband into South Carolina prisons on three different occasions.

According to South Carolina Department of Corrections arrest affidavits, Yoland Whitaker, Yvanda Maria Hardy, and Carmen Bess Jenkins all face charges of attempting to furnish a prisoner with contraband.

The SCDC says Whitaker concealed 20 cellphones, a pair of wire cutters, 3.5 pounds of tobacco, lighters, and rolling papers into a speaker box and sent it through USPS to the Kershaw Correctional Institution.

Hardy is accused of attempting to bring marijuana to a prisoner at the McCormick Correctional Facility. A release sent Thursday (11/8) did not describe how she attempted to get it inside the prison.

Jenkins is also accused of trying to bring drugs to a prisoner at the McCormick facility. An arrest affidavit says she had two packages wrapped in black electrical tape, one of which had 142.9 grams of marijuana.

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