Deputies search for duo accused of fraud and larceny

Richland Co., SC (WOLO) — The Richland County Sheriff’s Department is hoping you can help them locate a duo accused of stealing a women’s wallet from her purse while she wasn’t looking.

Authorities say two men were captured on surveillance video at the Panera Bread restaurant in the 6 hundred block of Promenade Place walking around the eatery but not for food. Officials say instead the two had an appetite to steal.

In the video you can see the suspects roaming through the restaurant when one of the men places his jacket on the back of a chair. While one of the men appears to be adjusting his jacket, Deputies say if you keep watching you can see the suspect pull a wallet from under the coat, which is where officials say the victim’s pocketbook was hanging. Authorities say the two suspects left the restaurant and a short time later used credit cards from that wallet to make several fraudulent purchases.

The Richland County Sheriff’s Department needs help identifying these two men, but while they search for them, they are also using this incident as a reminder to be extra vigilant, especially during the holidays. Deputies say it’s important to always keep your valuable items secure and within your view. Officials say it also helps to keep items like pocketbooks and wallets closed with a zipper or latch to reduce your risk of becoming a victim.


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