Gov. McMaster shares game plan for South Carolina’s future

COLUMBIA, S.C. (WOLO)– In a flash, almost as fast as the Swamp Foxes fighter squadron fly over, South Carolina swore in Governor Henry McMaster and lt. Governor Pamela Evette. McMaster shared his game-plan for the state’s next four years, saying they are going to be like the Clemson football team and not fumble the ball.

“My game plan for South Carolina requires changing our offensive plays on education,” McMaster said. 

McMaster added he is ready to take “high taxes off the field”, and “protect the environment like it’s the end zone.”

“There’s no doubt that for years we have been winning. When I say winning, I refer to all of South Carolina. All South Carolinians,” McMaster said.

The Governor’s remarks inspired many people to be hopeful in the future of the state, especially when it came to the key issues– like education and being competitive nationally.

“I’m hopeful, I’m really hopeful. The biggest thing that I really hope is that we can really unite our state and also our nation,” Ellen Dukes said, an attendee of the inauguration ceremony.

“The tone was fantastic. And the tone is, we’re South Carolinians and we’re going to work together to make South Carolina the best possible state it can be,” Rep Gary Simrill said, R-York County. 

“I hope that there is an emphasis on public education in a way I had not heard before that I’m hearing now. I’m very hopeful, but I’m very guarded. I have guarded optimism,” Rep. Mandy Powers Norrell said, D- Lancaster County. Powers Norrell ran with James Smith against Gov. McMaster and Lt. Gov. Evette in the 2018 election. She says she looks forward to working with the Governor but they need to be candid about the climate of South Carolina.

“He said, every part of South Carolina is winning, then he said and we’re going to change everything. Which is very inconsistent. I disagree that every part of South Carolina’s winning. Teachers who are underpaid don’t feel like they’re winning,” Powers Norrell said. 

Gov. McMaster ended his inaugural speech by saying those in the General Assembly are not competitors but are on the same team with the same goals- prosperity and happiness of South Carolinians.

The legislative session is shorter than it has been in years past, and lawmakers recognize they have less time to push everything through, but they are excited to get to work under the Governor and new Lt.Govv.

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