Sumter County residents cry for help with impassible road, County refuses to help

A road in Sumter County is in such poor condition even tow trucks and ambulances get stuck on it.


SUMTER COUNTY, S.C. (WOLO)– A road in Sumter County is in such poor condition even a tow truck gets stuck on it, but residents say they are turned away when they ask their local officials for help.

“This ain’t nothing. This looks good compared to what it was,” Lettie Appleby said, a resident on Trudy Road. 

Residents of Trudy Road in Sumter say abandoned car parts and stranded vehicles are normal on their dirt road. Keith Hurley has lived on Trudy Road for 13 years and said there at least three or four cars a day get stuck in the mud. 

“The county used to work this road at one point, and then they just quit,” Frederic Oaks said, a long-time resident on Trudy Road. Residents say the county serviced their road multiple times a month a few years ago, until all of a sudden they stopped. Now, they are going back and forth on who has the responsibility of clearing up the deep crevasses.

“Nearly two months of rain… not much we can do about that. But Trudy Road is a private Road,” Joe Perry said, a spokesperson with the Sumter County.

“My father deeded this road to the county,” Oaks said. With a deed from 1978 in hand, Frederic Oaks says they are running out of options. Residents say the mailman and garbage trucks do not even try to drive the road. It’s really bad when the tow truck gets stuck in the mud.

But for Eric Appleby, he said the scariest part was when he was having heart problems and the ambulance could not even get to him.  

“The ambulance got from, well right through this hole here and right about where that next hole and they had to stop. And I had to come drive through the path there and walk to get to the ambulance to even be seen by emergency services,” Eric said. 

Trudy Road residents say it could be an easy fix, that may take just a day or two.

“Just grate the road. Just fix it for us. Look out of the citizens of Sumter County. I mean we pay out taxes. We do what we’re supposed to you know?” Eric said.

Instead, they feel deserted by their local government.

“I feel abandoned. They don’t care. Sumter county don’t care about their citizens, that’s how I feel,” Eric said.

“The county is being really heartless to us. Is what we feel. We’re back here and they just say the heck with us, and leave us be,” Lettie Appleby said. 

Residents say they hope this is an issue that can be solved quickly because with the rain coming over the weekend, this will be a completely impassable lake. 


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