Lexington Medical wants to help you show your heart some love

Lexington, SC (WOLO) — The Lexington Medical Center is asking you to love yourself this Valentine’s Day, and to help you, the hospital is hosting a therapy dog stress break.

According to the American Heart Association pet owners, more specifically dog owners have a lower blood pressure and a better resting heart rate than those who do not own pets. According to studies, pet owners tend to be more active, walk longer leading to less obese families who own their own four legged friend. That same study shows that pets help lower stress and help heart patients live longer and lower your risk of cardiovascular disease.

It’s for this reason the Lexington Medical Center has decided to hosts their annual Therapy Dog Stress Break.

Members of the community have been invited to come out for the free event from 1 to 3pm where you can spend time with a furry friend where you can spend the afternoon petting a therapy dog . Clinicians will also be on hand to give those in attendance more information on other ways to reduce stress, find out about relaxing activities that can keep you as healthy as possible. While your there you can also receive  a free blood pressure screening.

The event is set to take place Thursday February 14th, 2019 at the East Tower Atrium inside of Lexington Medical Center.


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