IHOP restaurant teases possible temporary name change, again

[gtxvideo vid=’8VrMtcOk’ thumb=’http://player.gtxcel.com/thumbs/8VrMtcOk.jpg’ vtitle=’IHOP NAME TEASE’]

(CNN) — The International House of Pancakes (IHOP)  is suggesting it will change its name yet again.

I-Hop posted this short video on twitter today teasing another change.
It shows “I-Hob” a name the restaurant chain briefly used last year to promote its new line of burgers, flipping back to “I-Hop”.

The company then urges fans to learn, quote, “What could the p be” on June 3rd.”
This left fans of the restaurant with two lingering questions, what the “P” could stand for,  and why again?

You can watch that video in it’s entirety here and see if you can figure out the newest mystery that has some fans eating out of the palm of their hand.

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