Ex-wife of Timothy Jones Jr. calls on jury to spare his life

Amber Kyzer testifies that she can't bring herself to wanting someone to die

LEXINGTON, S.C. (WOLO) — The ex-wife of Timothy Jones Jr. took the stand to tell the jury that they should not give the death penalty to her ex-husband, who was convicted of murdering their five children back in August 2014.

Amber Kyzer told the jury that as a mother, she’d want to shred her ex-husband’s face off, but she says she can’t bring herself to wanting someone to die.

Towards the end of her marriage with Timothy Jones Jr., Kyzer told the jury the physical and verbal abuse at the hands of her ex-husband was too much to handle.

“The verbal abuse was always he would chop me up and feed me to the pigs because pigs would eat everything but my teeth and I’ll never be found. It was not a good environment, it was not something children need to be seeing,” Kyzer said.

After the divorce, Kyzer told the jury they had joint custody of the children, but she decided Jones would be the primary caretaker.

She says it was hard to see eye-to-eye with Jones on when she could visit the children, but she says she never wanted her children to think she never wanted to see them.

“I was very adamant about seeing my kids, and when I had the chance, I went to see my kids because Lord knows I didn’t get to see them often,” said Kyzer.

Even though she says her ex-husband showed no mercy when he took the lives of her five children, she testified she does not want to see him die.

“If I could personally rip his face off I would. That’s the mom in me. Personally, myself, I could not bring myself to want anyone to die,” Kyzer said.

While she was on the stand, she had something to say to her ex-husband.

“Nothing justifies what you’ve done. There’s nothing you could possibly say to justify what you’ve done to my babies. I hope for mercy for you. I pray for you often, and I say that without excusing what he’s done,” Kyzer said to Jones as he was sitting with his defense team.

In addition to Kyzer, Deborah Grey, a social historian, took the stand to say Jones’s family has an extensive history of mental illness.

Grey’s research revealed, among other things, the grandmother of Timothy Jones Jr. had his father when she was only 12 years old, that incidents of violence, drug use, and alcoholism were rampant in the Jones household when the defendant was growing up, and how there were a high amount of suicide attempts in the family tree.

Grey will be back on the stand Wednesday morning to face a cross-examination from the prosecution.

Already convicted of five counts of murder, Jones faces either life in prison without parole or the death penalty.

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