Former Allen Benedict occupants have until Monday to get remaining belongings

COLUMBIA, SC (WOLO) —People who once lived in the Allen Benedict Apartment Complex are running out of time to get the remainder of their belongings from the property.

It’s been six months since the 4 hundred people who lived in the complex were forced to evacuate after two people died from carbon monoxide poisoning. Many of the occupants were given just two hours to gather their things before having to move into hotels until they could secure permanent housing.

The Columbia Housing Authority (CHA), who manages the now condemned property says former residents have until 5PM Monday July 15th to gather any wanted property, the last day anyone will be able to come and gather valuables left behind.

That date was extended to July 15th by the new Interim Director,  Ivory Mathews  who says she wanted to give people enough time to secure any items they may still want to get but have not had time until now to do so. CHA officials say the relocation team at the Columbia Housing Authority will now begin the walk-though process of the vacant units to empty out the contents of those units and dispose of anything unwanted items.

CHA says all of the 239 families have since relocated to new homes.

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