Orangeburg man accused of pulling gun on officers arrested

(Image: Orangeburg County Sheriff’s Department /Timothy Hampton)

(Image: Orangeburg County Sheriff's Department /Timothy Hampton)

ORANGEBURG, SC (WOLO) –The Orangeburg County Sheriff’s Department has arrested 41 year old Timothy Hampton accused of several crimes, including pulling a gun on approaching Investigators.

According to authorities, investigators were traveling on Edisto Drive just after midnight when they say they saw what appeared to be suspicious activity on a side street investigators say is known drug activity and prostitution.

Officials say as investigators began following the car they noticed the discovered the license plate was suspended. Deputies say the jeep they were following turned into a nearby business, got out of the car and attempted to quickly walk away. Authorities say, approaching officers pulled their weapons after they say he refused to show his hands, that were allegedly in his pants at the time.

Authorities say after Hampton was taken into custody, a loaded .45 caliber handgun was located in this pants. Hampton was denied bond and remains in jail tonight on charges of Unlawful Carrying of a Pistol, Possession of a Weapon by a person convicted of a Violent Felony and Distribution of Cocaine (second offense).

Sheriff Leroy Ravenell released a statement surrounding the arrest saying in part,

“If it wasn’t for God’s intervention, someone could have been seriously injured or worse during this incident,” the sheriff said. “I’m so thankful it didn’t come to that…“This could have ended very badly for someone.”

The driver of the Jeep, authorities say Hampton got out of was given a ticket for the license plate violation and the vehicle was towed.

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