New smart bed with 70 inch screen could become your TV binge-watching sanctuary

Courtesy of Hi Interiors

Courtesy of Hi Interiors

(CNN) — If you are a connoisseur of what many people call “Netflix and Chill,” this new item may be for you.

The “Hi-bed” is described as a “second generation smart-bed.”

Designed with TV binging in mind, the bed features an HD projector, a 70-inch screen, along with a built-in sound system and speakers.

The “Hi-bed” also features dimmable lighting, blackout curtains and built-in Wi-Fi.

The bed can also monitor your movement, with the ability to adjust temperature according to preference.

There are also settings allowing you to wake up with a smart clock, and weather and traffic information. Italian architect, Fabio Vinella worked on the creation with the furniture brand hi-interiors.

It retails for at least $13,000 and is available to pre-order and will be available next year.

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