Veternarian staff suspect abuse in discovery of baby squirrels with tails tied together

(Image:CNN/Kensignton Bird and Animal Hospital/Facebook)

(Image:CNN/Kensignton Bird/Animal Hospital/Facebook)

(CNN) — gaggle of baby squirrels were found with their tails braided together. Veterinary staff who treat them worry they fell prey to animal abuse.
Four 6-week-old squirrels were discovered on train tracks in Berlin, Connecticut, last week.
Their tails were braided in pairs, then the two knots were braided into one big tangle, Kensington Bird and Animal Hospital said.
Their tails incurred a few broken bones, which can heal, but lost blood flow often means amputation. One of the squirrels has already had its tail amputated, Anthony Dibella, a veterinary technician at the hospital, told CNN.
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