Pink puppy becomes poster pup for accepting differences




















This little guy is cute as a button, but according to the, a website set up for the pale pup, his start was not an easy one.

According to the website, besides his obvious lack of color, “Piglet” was also born deaf and blind was born mascot for acceptance, kindness, and inclusion Piglet was born deaf and blind in a Georgia home with nearly 40 other puppies in a the website only describes as a  “hoarding situation”.

Piglet, a Dachshund Chihuahua mix was rescued from that Georgia home in May of 2017  by a family in Connecticut along with his mother and three other pups in his litter. While he continues to face new challenges with no sights or hearing, the message he is sending around the country is loud and clear. Piglet has now become the new poster pup for inclusiveness according to his adoptive forever family.

​Piglet’s Mission is to encourage people, especially children to be more accepting of those with differences. On their website they say they want to spur what they have dubbed as the “Piglet Mindset”, where they remind people of the importance of spaying and neutering cats and dogs. In addition to educating people about the consequences of double dapple/merle breeding, inspiring and motivating others to adopt pets with special needs, use him in classrooms to facilitate a new way of looking at those that may not look like you and just as important according to the Pink Pup’s website, to “put a smile on faces all around the world.”

Piglet and his forever family have not only help raise thousands of dollars for rescued animals with special needs by selling Piglet merchandise. Besides his various fashion shows, and this impressive 114, 000 followers on Instagram  , Piglet’s more than 45,000 “likes” and 47, 000 followers on Facebook  as well as his own YouTube channel

The website touts their biggest accomplishment yet. creating a “Piglet Mindset Lesson Plan” that is being used in classrooms to promote flexibility, resilience, perseverance, and empathy. The core lesson the website says is already being used by a 3rd grade class in Plainville, Massachusetts,  helping inspire students and teach them how “Piglet’s positive mindset has helped him to overcome challenges, so everyone can learn to have a “Piglet state of mind.”




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