Redevelopment among top priorities for West Columbia mayoral candidates

Tem Miles, Madison Duncan are going head-to-head to see who will replace outgoing Mayor Bobby Horton

WEST COLUMBIA, S.C. (WOLO) — On Tuesday, voters in West Columbia will have the chance to decide who will become their next mayor.

Two candidates are in the running to replace retiring Mayor Bobby Horton.

Prior to his final City Council meeting as Mayor, Horton said he wants a mayor to continue the progress his team made on issues like redevelopment and infrastructure improvements. More importantly, he wants the city’s next leader to look out for the best interests of the city.

“Well I hope whoever’s elected, their purpose is to move the city forward and not bring any personal agendas to the situation, but you’ve got to have a supportive group and people who come in with a particular agenda can cause problems and slow down progress, and that’s not what we want in West Columbia,” Horton said.

One candidate who worked alongside Mayor Horton on the City Council is Mayor Pro Tempore Tem Miles.

Miles said over the last six years, he has championed many redevelopment projects throughout the city, and would continue to do so if elected.

“That is what I’m running for, is to continue the revitalization and the energy, the increased energy, in our area. I would keep encouraging our code enforcement department to get out and address some of the blighted areas we have in our commercial corridors, and some of the homes that need attention in our neighborhoods,” Miles said.

Miles is running against Madison Duncan, a lifelong West Columbia resident who also ran for Mayor back in 2015.

Duncan told ABC Columbia he will push for further redevelopment of aging infrastructure, and continue conversations with the Department of Transportation and Lexington County concerning water, sewer, and road repairs.

Regardless of who is elected Tuesday, Horton says he will do his part to make sure the new leader has a smooth transition.

“I’m not going to fade away. I’m going to be around, simply won’t be voting, but I will help them do anything I can and continue to improve this city,” Horton said.



Polls in West Columbia open tomorrow at 7 a-m, and people have until 7 p-m to cast their vote and decide their next mayor as well as four city council members.

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