Water company explains possible rate hike in Irmo

IRMO,SC (WOLO)- A Midlands community says they’re not going with the flow about a possible sewage bill increase.

Residents in Irmo say they’ll be flushing money down the drain if their sewer bill goes up to 100 dollars a month.

“I don’t like the idea of paying $100 in sewer fees,” resident Laura Carson said. “I find that problematic. I love my house, I love living in New Friarsgate, but I am not inclined to recommend people to move into that neighborhood if that is the price tag.”

The President of blue granite water, Donald Denton, says more than half of the increase will go towards a bill that the company has been footing for residents for the past two years.

“Is the combination of payments we make to local governments, municipalities, that are past due cost, like the city of Columbia,” Denton said. “That we don’t earn incrementally on. ”

People came out to Irmo’s town council meeting Tuesday night to express their frustrations with the possible price hike.

“I don’t want to pay that,” Carson said. “I don’t want my water bill to be more than my power bill. That’s ridiculous.”

The rest of the increase is expected to go towards a four year improvement plan.

“Those assets will increase the longevity of those assets and will help improve how they operate on a daily basis,” Denton said.

There will be a local public hearing before this increase can go into effect.

The first is on Monday, January 27th,  in Lexington. The second meeting is on Thursday in Irmo.

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