How to discuss tragic events with your children

(Courtesy: Prisma Health Children’s Hospital- Midlands) Free flu shots for 2019 season.

Columbia, SC (WOLO) — Explaining a tragic event like the recent death of 6 year old Faye Swetlik to a child can be a difficult thing to navigate.

According to Dr. Robin Welsh with Prisma Health Children’s Hospital, there are a few things that can make it a little bit easier to address. Start by reassuring them they are safe, also by answering questions to help calm fears.

Take time to go over age appropriate safety information,  and limiting access to television and internet may be a good idea as well.

Dr. Welsh offers the following tips to parents trying to find the best way to open the dialogue with their children after a tragic event occurs.

If your child asks questions, take the time to answer and help calm your child’s fears.

  • Give no more information than necessary to answer their questions and address their fears.
  • The younger the child, the simpler the explanation.
  • Be reassuring.
  • Limit their access to TV news, internet news and adult conversations in the home about the event. Look for the positive things that often happen after a tragedy and discuss them with your child.
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