Toys, stuffed animals to honor Faye Swetlik donated to Prisma Children’s Hospital

The community continues to come together and heal in the aftermath of Faye Swetlik's death.

Columbia, S.C. (WOLO) — The community continues to come together and heal in the aftermath of Faye Swetlik’s death. Despite the rain, memorials in her honor are still growing.

But this past weekend, family members took some of those toys and donated them to Prisma Health Children’s Hospital Midlands.

Staff say they’re so grateful for the stuffed animals and toys; and they’re thankful that the family thought of helping the children during such a difficult time.

“We were very fortunate that the Swetlik family, during their very difficult time, was able to think about the children’s hospital and the children here. That was a very selfless thing to do,” said Christy Fink, Manager of Child Life and Special Programs at Prisma Children’s Hospital. “Faye’s grandmother and some family friends came by over the weekend and brought us some stuffed animals from the memorial, and we were super thankful to receive those and to be a small part of the grief process for this family.”

The hospital relies on donations to help kids going through a scary time.

“We use all of our donations to help children to feel safer at the hospital. We use lots of stuffed animals and colorful blankets and things to turn their hospital room into a more familiar environment,” said Fink.

The community is showing just how strong their love for Faye is, and that love can continue with donations to the hospital.

“Anytime there’s a tragedy like this in our community and we all feel very helpless, we want the Swetlik family to know how much we love Faye and love them, and people are looking for meaningful ways to do that. And one of those ways is through donations,” said Fink.

The hospital gets lots of donations around the holiday season, but they do taper off during the summer. Right now, the hospital is in critical need of pajamas and underwear for school-aged kids, teenagers and adults.

You can contact anyone in Child Life if you’d like to make a donation in memory of Faye.

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