Joe Biden on Primary win: “South Carolina you brought me back”

Former VP Projected winner in SC Democratic Presidential Primary

COLUMBIA, SC (WOLO)– Former Vice President Joe Biden winning by a large majority in South Carolina’s Presidential Primary. The results unofficial.
Biden really needed South Carolina to revive his campaign and he made it clear when he started off his speech Saturday night that South Carolina put him back in the race.

Biden had huge support from the African American community in the state.
Congressman James Clyburn helped with that support, he also introduced Biden Saturday night in front of a large crowd of supporters. Biden told the crowd that the time for change is now– and that he is the candidate to beat trump. Biden also mentioned that he wants to continue the work of Obama.

Bidens win has shaken up the Democratic race that has been dominated by Bernie Sanders.
Sanders fell behind Biden in the South Carolina Democratic Primary.n

Now that Biden is back in the race the question now is for how long,  with Super Tuesday around the corner.

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