Former Gamecock Ashley Bruner takes assistant coaching job at Gray Collegiate

COLUMBIA, S.C. — The game of basketball has taken Ashley Bruner all over the world. Now it’s bringing her back home to her first step as a coach.

The former Gamecock standout played internationally in Europe for seven seasons, and noticed a considerable gap in basketball knowledge from what she had learned back in America.

Simply put, she had too much wisdom from her years in the game, and had to pass that wisdom on to the next generation.

Her younger brother played at Gray Collegiate, and Bruner has always had a good relationship with head coach Dion Bethea. She says the two have been talking for the last few months about bringing her on staff, and at the end of May they made the move official to bring her on as an assistant coach for the boys varsity team.

Cam Gaskins caught up with the former Gamecock to talk about what led her to coaching, the impact Dawn Staley has had on her career, and the challenge she’s looking forward to when it comes to coaching boys.

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