“Original Design”: Gamecock QB Jay Urich launches non-profit aimed at helping kids in the Midlands

COLUMBIA, S.C. — Football consumes the majority of Jay Urich’s life. So during the absence of spring workouts during the pandemic, he had plenty of time to devote to some of his other passions.

“I remember having this feeling that I wanted to dream more,” Urich said. “I wanted to use what I had and what I’d been given to influence other people in a great way…  So I started dreaming and the word ‘nonprofit’ came up.”

He’s majoring in Public Health, and has always found joy in helping others both on and off the football field. Now he’s launching a nonprofit organization that combines all of his passions.

After consulting some mentors in his life like former Gamecocks Marcus Lattimore and Connor Shaw, “Original Design” is what Urich came up with — an organization that aims to help kids 10-12 gain all the tools and resources to have success in life.

Through football camps and other programs, Original Design will focus on the physical and mental health of these kids in the Midlands. Urich says the number of kids his organization will target isn’t set just yet, but he’s more focused on what kind of impact he’ll have on the kids that do attend.

“We want to go deep, not wide,” Urich said. “We don’t want to necessarily reach as many people, but we want to impact the children — no matter how many we decide — and we want to interact and develop them in a deep way.”

Anyone interested in learning more about Original Design and Urich’s vision can visit the organization’s website.

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