Richland One school releases return to face to face instruction schedule

Students could be headed back to in person instruction in the next few weeks

(Courtesy: RCSD1)

Richland Co, SC (WOLO) — The Richland One school district is working to get your children back in the classroom as quickly and safely as possible. Tuesday night, Dr. Craig Witherspoon released a few more details in a letter to parents laying out their plan to implement Phase Two. This is the portion of the plan that will allow students who have been involved in E-Learning up until now, to return to face to face instruction.

Dr. Witherspoon says the district has been keeping a close eye on the COVID-19 cases not just in the state, but more specifically throughout Richland County. Witherspoon says after careful and strategic monitoring of the coronavirus pandemic, the district is ‘encouraged by the significant improvement in the health ratings for Richland County.’ and for that reason are moving forward with their schedule to get students back in the classroom for in person instruction.

According to the district, due to the data they have received thus far they will follow the plan listed below:

  • Week of October 12: Some Students with Disabilities (SWDs) will begin going to school to receive services. The determination of which students will attend will be based on IEPs (Individualized Education Programs). Parents will be notified if their child is to attend.
  • Week of October 19: Students in pre-kindergarten through grade 2 will go to school for in-person instruction one day per week. Parents will be notified by their child’s school of the day they will attend.
  • Week of October 26: All students in pre-kindergarten through grade 12 will return to school, and we will begin Phase 2 (hybrid model) of our reopening plan. This means that all students will attend school two days per week. Parents will be notified by their child’s school of the days they are scheduled to attend.

More detailed information concerning transportation when students in pre-kindergarten through grade 5 will begin transition to in person instruction is expected to released within the next few days.

School officials say Thursday, October 15 and Friday, October 16 will be ‘asynchronous’ learning days for students. This means, no eLearning/virtual classes will take place on those days on those two days. This will give teachers time to get ready for a seamless transition to Phase Two.

The school understands that some parents may still be uneasy with sending their children back to school and have created an application for those opting to continue with the Virtual School Program. Parents and guardians can find that application by going to the link provided HERE

However, parents who would like to move their children from Virtual School Programs to the phase-in model should complete the Virtual School Program withdrawal form which is located on the same site at the link above.



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