AARP: SC Assisted living facilities coronavirus death rate highest among other states

New study shows SC long term care facilities COVID-19 deaths rate tops other states

Image: AARP Logo

Image: AARP Logo

Columbia, SC (WOLO)  — A nationwide study found that a higher rate of South Carolinians who live in long-term care facilities are dying more than in any other state.

According to AARP for every 100 nursing home residents across the country,  South Carolina accounts for 5.8 cases of COVID-19,  1.2 deaths related to the virus.

The study also found that the average South Carolina long-term care facility only provides staff and residents with a week’s supply of personal protective equipment (PPE), which is something one advocate calls troubling.

State heath officials say nearly 10,000 staff or residents in extended care facilities statewide have tested positive for the virus, and more than 1,400 have died from the virus.

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