Health experts says U.S. may never see herd immunity

Dean of Brown's University of Health says we may never see new cases of COVID-19 disappear completely

(CNN) — -The U.S. may never see herd immunity against COVID-19. That’s what at least one physician says. The good news is that even without herd immunity, most people could still be able to get back to their pre-pandemic lives. However, it is likely that a sizable percentage of Americans will choose to not get vaccinated at all. The Dean…

Children as young as 6 months old part of new vaccine trials

Pfizer and Moderna are studying to see if their vaccines will be safe and effective for children

Image: ABCSoren is one of the youngest in Stanford Hospital’s Pfizer trial at only 7 months old. (ABC News) —As nearly 140 million American adults have received at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine and we inch closer to herd immunity, vaccine makers Pfizer and Moderna have moved on to the next phase of the fight against the virus:…

Pfizer CEO says recipients may need 3rd shot, annual booster

The CEO of the drug manufacturing company released the updated information Thursday

(ABC News) — Pfizer’s CEOI now says Americans may need to get a third shot within 6 to 12 months of being fully vaccinationed, and possibly booster shots annually. ABC’s Zohreen Shah has the latest in our continuing coronavirus coverage as there are growing concerns about hot shots flaring up in the Uniyed States. Categories: Health, National News, News

Pfizer looks to expand vaccine to children as young as 12

The drug maker requested authorization from the FDA Friday

(ABC News) —Pfizer, the first vaccine maker to become authorized in the U.S., on Friday asked federal regulators to authorize its vaccine for kids as young as 12, insisting that recent clinical trials showed it’s both safe and effective. The good news came as health officials warned that youth sports were now driving new COVID cases in states like Michigan…

DHEC says some people are not returning for their second vaccine dose

The agency says if you recieved Moderna or Pfizer, then you are not fully protected until you have gotten two doses

Columbia, SC (WOLO) — Don’t wait and just as important, don’t forget to get your second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. That is the message coming from the Department of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC). The health agency says they’ve seen a number of people who are not returning for their second shot which can leave you unprotected. Keep in…

Spring Break parties is a growing concern

Health experts say massive gatherings during the pandemic could lead to a 4th surge in cases

(ABC News)– The much anticipated trial data for a fourth vaccine here in the United States is out..and health expert says the results look promising. This comes as health officials try to crack down on spring breakers jeading off to massive parties, which experts say could possibly lead to a surge in new cases. ABC’S Reena Roy has the latest….

President Biden directs all states to make American adults eligible for vaccine by May 1

This was President Biden's first addess to the nation since taking office 51 days ago

Image: ABC News (ABC News) –President Joe Biden directing states, tribes and territories to make all American adults eligible for a COVID-19 vaccine by May 1, in his first prime-time address Thursday. The president also communicated that if everyone does their part to slow the spread and get vaccinated, there is a chance that families, friends and neighbors could gather…

CDC is not recommending travel for those fully vaccinated

The health agency says they will revist their stance on travel in the near future

Image: Ted S. Warren/AP (ABC News) –Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky on Monday defended her agency’s decision not to endorse travel for vaccinated Americans, saying that, even as the CDC says they can socially gather without masks, increasing travel would add to the number of COVID-19 cases and pose a risk to the majority of…

Should children learning from home get different testing rules during COVID-19

One mother sparks a conversation about the differences of in person, at home learning

Image: STOCK PHOTO/Getty Images (ABC NEWS) —As some kids continue to adjust to at-home learning during COVID-19, one mom is sparking a conversation on how retesting could help students like it did for her son. Kristen Mae, a staff writer at Scary Mommy, wrote a piece for the popular website, titled “Schools Should Absolutely Let Kids Resubmit Work And Retake…