FDA investigates General Mills after complaints over ‘Lucky Charms’

The FDA is looking into reports of thousands getting sick after eating the cereal

The FDA is investigating ‘Lucky Charms’ after reports of thousands of people getting sick. The move comes after a popular online poison website reported that more than 13-hundred people said they had gastro-intestinal issues after eating ‘Lucky Charms’ cereal.  However,  cereal maker ‘General Mills’ says it has found no evidence of people getting sick. The FDA says it has received…

Costco set to end ‘Senior Hours’ this month

The hours were put into effect at the start of the pandemic for those at high risk

(CNN) —  If you have been enjoying the ability to shop at Costco before their normally scheduled hours due to the pandemic, get your last purchases to the register while you can. The wholesale warehouse says they will no longer set aside special hours for their senior customers. The change will go into effect April 18, 2022.  This means those…

COVID vaccines could become an annual shot

CNN)— COVID-19 cases are now rising in more than half of the country, but are still relatively low overall. And one former U.S health official says — COVID 19 vaccines — could become an annual shot — as early as this Fall. Mandy Gaither has more. Categories: Health, National News, News

DOJ Charges 9 anti-abortion protestors, police say 5 fetuses found in one’s home

Image: Dept. of Justice Logo (ABC News) — The Justice Department has charged nine anti-abortion protesters with conspiring to obstruct access to a women’s reproductive health facility in Washington, D.C., in October 2020, according to an indictment unsealed Wednesday afternoon. Prosecutors say Lauren Handy, Jonathan Darnel, Jay Smith, Paula Harlow, Jean Marshall, John Hinshaw, Heather Idoni, William Goodman and Joan…

President Biden sends ‘urgent’ message to Congress

President Biden says more money is needed to continue the fight against COVID

(ABC News) — President Joe Biden is urging Congress to act now or be forced to react if the country faces another surge of COVID cases. The administration has been signaling for weeks that more money is needed in order to keep  the president saying tonight without funding we may not be able to weather the next virus related storm….