PACT Act working through SC legislature

COLUMBIA, SC (WOLO)– The PACT Act is making its way through the South Carolina legislature. The bill is designed to bring more funding to law enforcement to better serve our communities. ABC Columbia’s Lindsey Goodwin was live to tell us what some House representatives had to say.

Representative Chris Wooten told ABC Columbia, unfortunately sometimes it takes tragedy to bring things to light, and after a hard year for police reform, this bill is finally coming to the forefront. It’s the Police And Communities Together Act. This will include more funding for proper training, PTSD treatment and pay raises. Wooten says this is something the South Carolina community and law enforcement have been asking for, for quite some time now. Representative Wooten says this is not the end to police reform, but it’s a great start.

This bipartisan bill has 83 co-sponsors, and it’s currently in the committee.

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