Local TikTok account with nearly 700k followers helps save homeless pets at Pawmetto Lifeline

COLUMBIA (WOLO): A local Tiktok account has gone viral for its mission to help save homeless pets. 

Eddy Miller is the Animal Care Supervisor at Pawmetto Lifeline in the Midlands, and after two years, his account has gained nearly 700-thousand followers from all around the world, sharing the stories and daily lives of the pets he cares for, with the hope of finding them forever homes. 

Eddy has found several dogs their forever homes through the app. One of those was Petunia, a Bulldog mix found on the side of the road just before Christmas in 2019, completely paralyzed in her back legs. Petunia was adopted in December 2020. 

After setting up a wish-list on his TikTok account, in just one week, the shelter received hundreds of donations. “We got like 971 food items, we got hundreds of bottles of detergent, hundreds of blankets. It was a pretty good success. We’ve had hundreds of boxes come in. It was pretty cool,” explained Eddy. 

“I take most of the calls. They’re coming from California, New York, Texas, all over the country. People want to help,” CEO of Palmetto Lifeline, Denise Wilkinson said. 

They say the donations have helped save them money to spend towards helping more local animals.

As his following grows, Eddy’s mission stays the same. After two years in their care, Frankie, a 5-year-old Pocket Pitbull mix, is still looking for his perfect match. Frankie was tied-up and shot in the head, but Eddy’s reach on TikTok has helped bring interest to the sweet pup, and he knows he’ll find his forever home soon. 

You can follow Eddy’s TikTok page at @eddymiller and help him on his mission to find pets their forever homes, or contact Pawmetto Lifeline at 803-465-9150. 

Petunia has her own Instagram page at looney.tuni with more than 8,500 followers.





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