Consumer News: New eBikes from Porsche, makeup inspired by Chipotle and more!

CNN– Best Buy and Apple are teaming up to help improve the lives and safety of older adults. Best Buy Health already offers services for older people, including help with medical emergencies. Now, through its app, ‘Lively’ users can access those services on their Apple Watch. The watch will help seniors who need to call for immediate help, talk to a doctor or alert family members in emergency situations. For more information, download the ‘Lively’ app.

Porsche has unveiled two new eBikes to go along with the release of the luxury car maker’s first electric vehicle. These purchases, however, might need to go on your “if I ever win the lottery” wish list. The eBike Sport, for riding on the road, will run you just under $11,000. The eBike Cross, designed for  off-road terrain, will cost around $8,500. The bikes will be available this spring.

Tacos and makeup are an unlikely combo, but it’s happening thanks to Chipotle and elf Cosmetics. The products are vegan, cruelty-free and inspired by Chipotle ingredients like rice and guacamole. The eye shadow palette also includes a coupon for free chips and salsa from Chipotle. With the makeup line comes a new limited menu item at the Mexican chain restaurant. The vegan makeup will be available March 10.

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