Governor McMaster issues line item vetoes for SC Budget

COLUMBIA, SC (WOLO)– South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster delivered his vetoes for the 2021 2022 State Budget.

According to the Governor, the 15 line item vetoes totaled $152.5 million.

McMaster’s vetoes include subsections that contain 226 earmarked appropriations. The Governor said the 226 earmarked appropriations lacked the necessary transparency and accountability for state funding.

Lawmakers want to use the earmarked funds for different types of projects.

According to the Governor, “While some important and unprecedented transparency measures were adopted in the budgeting process this year, public transparency must be absolute and uncompromised in order to maintain the public’s trust and confidence in state government,”

“Disclosure of the sponsor and recipient is not enough. The bulk of these earmarked appropriations still lack sufficient context – description – explanation of merit – or justification how the recipient intends to spend the funds.  Also, no matter how deserving the project, the public must be confident that proper accountability measures are in place to ensure these funds are ultimately spent appropriately by the recipient ”, said Governor Mcmaster.





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