Consumer News: Walmart ending quarterly bonuses after announcing wage raise, Burger King announces new celebrity meals and more!

CNN– Walmart is ending its quarterly bonuses for U.S. store workers at the end of January and says its rolling them into the base pay of associates. The largest private employer in the country informed workers of the change in a memo. The news comes after Walmart announced last week it was raising its hourly minimum wage from $11 to $12, beginning September 25.

The Food and Drug Administration has delayed a decision on whether to allow the best-selling e-cigarette brand Juul to stay on the market. The agency has already rejected applications for more than 946,000 vaping products, many for targeting underage teens. But the agency wants more time to decide the fate of Juul, the most popular brand with adult smokers and also many teenagers.

Burger King is using celebrities with stage names to promote its food changes. The company is banning 120 artificial ingredients. New “Keep it Real” meals emphasize what Burger king calls “real food.” Singer-songwriter Chase Hudson is the real name of singer Lil Huddy. He created a meal that includes a spicy chicken sandwich, mozzarella sticks and a shake. Musicians Nelly and Anitta have their own meals too.

Ever wondered what McDonald’s Grimace character is supposed to be? You know, the purple guy who hangs out with Ronald McDonald? A McDonald’s employee who won “Outstanding Manager of the Year” says Grimace is a huge, purple taste bud. The chain won’t confirm that. It tells USA Today Grimace is whatever people want him to be, even if that’s just a weird purple blob. Lamenting that people always ask what Grimace is, and not how he is.

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