Consumer News: Apple unveiling newest generation of products, Hershey unveils new holiday chocolates and more!

CNN– This could be a good time to look for a used car or plan a trip. Tuesday, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported shifts in prices for some industries. For instance, prices for airline tickets and car insurance actually dipped in August. Used car prices were also down last month for the first time since February. The prices for pre-owned vehicles have skyrocketed over the last 12 months.

Amazon is hiring 125,000 employees. The jobs are in the retailer’s fulfillment and transportation operations in more than a dozen states. Both full and part-time jobs are available, and they pay more than $18 per hour, on average. Amazon has a distribution center in West Columbia.

Apple is unveiling its newest devices. Apple’s new line of iPhone 13s don’t have the kind of flashy upgrades that grab headlines., but they have better cameras, batteries and processing than previous versions, for about the same price. The new Apple Watch Series 7 is slimmer, but with a wider screen. Apple’s new iPad has a better chip for faster processing and an improved camera.

Summer is winding down, and if you’re not in the holiday spirit yet, maybe this will help! The Hershey Company is unveiling a new lineup of holiday chocolates. Holiday Kisses will be available in a sugar cookie flavor as well as the traditional chocolate, and so will Hershey bars. Reese’s is getting a holiday makeover for the first time, with peanut brittle-flavored cups. Kit Kats will have some extra snap, with a gingerbread cookie flavor.

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